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  My name is Bob Service and I have been involved in the electrical trade for many years when I was introduced to electrical contracting at a very young age of 12. This trade was passed down to me by my Father who was a licensed electrician for over 40 years until his retirement in 2010 and his determination to make sure I did something productive with my life (he is a good man and I love him very much). I worked for him for nine years until I decided to try something different. 

I took a position with Marriott Travel Plazas, which is now Host Marriott. In my new position I learned the fundamentals of commercial kitchen equipment and refrigeration. I stayed with it for many years until I moved on to Coca-Cola where I learned how to repair vending machines. After moving into a management position I left the company (since I missed the day-to-day action of repairing and enhancing equipment) and went to work for a commercial kitchen company in both Fairfield NJ and Brooklyn NY. 

After a couple years in the commercial kitchen company field, I heard talk of them closing offices and felt that I need more stability. I left them and opened up R. Service Maintenance L.L.C. full time in 2000. 

We specialize in Commercial Kitchens and QSR restaurants. As with many small businesses, at the end of 2008 I felt the crunch of the economy and struggled to keep my company above water. I had no choice and I temporally closed the doors and re-entered the workforce for a hotel group in central NJ and built a Maintenance Department for three hotels. 

Although I had a great working relationship with the owners, I felt the need for more challenges so I decided to support the green movement and learn something new with installing solar panels. It was during that time frame that I realized how much I missed running my own business and since I never really lost touch with those customers I was able to transition back.

I have been gaining more and more ground with R. Service Maintenance and getting a larger customer base and focusing on customer service and satisfaction. I have a total of thirty years electrical and twenty five years HVAC&R repairs design and installation. I believe that if you want to make a difference than it is up to you to act on it. 

I am a Volunteer in my community because I want to be an active member and make a difference where my family resides. In the past I have volunteered at my children’s school and was very active in the local church and school’s maintenance Department in Old Bridge. I hold several licenses and certifications and am very professional.